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Scholarships for Master's & PhD in China

Coverage of Tuition Fee & Accommodation Fee for 3 years!


  1. Passport
  2. Transcript & graduation certificate of undergraduate/postgraduate school
  3. Two recommendation letters
  4. Study plan/personal statement
  5. CV
  6. Physical Examination record for foreigners (Request by email)

 Programs for Master Degree

理学院 School of Science

07 理学硕士学位 Maser of Natural Science

0701 数学 Mathematics

  070101 基础数学 Fundamental Mathematics

  070102 计算数学 Computational Mathematics

  070103 概率论与数理统计 Probability and Mathematical Statistics

  070104 应用数学 Applied mathematics

  070105 运筹学与控制论 Operational Research and Cybernetics

0702 物理学 Physics

071011 生物物理学 Biophysics

071400统计学Statistics  (Note : for mathematics )

机械工程学院  School of Mechanical Engineering

0801 力学 Mechanics

 080101 一般力学与力学基础 General and Fundamental Mechanics

 080102 固体力学 Solid Mechanics

 080103 流体力学 Fluid Mechanics

 080104 工程力学 Engineering Mechanics

0802 机械工程 Mechanical Engineering

 080201 机械制造及其自动化 Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

 080202 机械电子工程 Mechatronic Engineering

 080203 机械设计与理论 Mechanical Design and Theory

 080204 车辆工程 Vehicle Engineering

0804 仪器科学与技术  Instrument Science and Technology

 080401 精密仪器及机械 Precision Instrument and Machinery

 080402 测试计量技术及仪器 Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments

电气工程学院 School of Electrical Engineering

0808 电气工程 Electrical Engineering

 080801 电机与电器 Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus

 080802 电力系统及其自动化 Power System and its Automation

 080803 高电压与绝缘技术 High Voltage and Insulation Technology

 080804 电力电子与电力传动 Power Electronics and Power Drives

 080805 电工理论与新技术 Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering

0831 生物医学工程 Biomedical Engineering

化学工程学院 School of Chemical Engineering

0703 化学 Chemistry

   070301 无机化学 Inorganic Chemistry

   070303 有机化学 Organic Chemistry

   070304 物理化学(含化学物理) Physical Chemistry (including Chemical Physics)

   070305 高分子化学与物理 Chemistry and Physics of Polymers

080706 化工过程机械 Chemical Process Equipment

0817 化学工程与技术 Chemical Engineering and Technology

 081701 化学工程 Chemical Engineering

 081702 化学工艺 Chemical Technology

 081703 生物化工 Biochemical Engineering

 081704 应用化学 Applied Chemistry

材料工程学院  School of Materials Science and Engineering

0805 材料科学与工程 Materials Science and Engineering

 080501 材料物理与化学 Materials Physics and Chemistry

 080502 材料学 Materialogy

 080503 材料加工工程 Materials Processing Engineering

信息工程学院  School of Information Engineering

0809 电子科学与技术 Electronics Science and Technology

 080901 物理电子学 Physical Electronics

 080902 电路与系统 Circuits and Systems

 080903 微电子学与固体电子学 Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

 080904 电磁场与微波技术 Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

081001 通信与信息系统 Communication and Information Systems

控制科学与工程学院  School of Control Science and Engineering

0811 控制科学与工程 Control Science and Engineering

 081101 控制理论与控制工程 Control Theory and Control Engineering

 081102 检测技术与自动化装置 Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

 081103 系统工程 Systems Engineering

 081104 模式识别与智能系统 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

计算机科学与软件学院  School of Computer Science and Engineering

0812 计算机科学与技术 Computer Science and Technology

 081201 计算机软件与理论 Computer Software and Theory

 081202 计算机系统结构 Computer Systems Organization

   081203 计算机应用技术 Computer Applied Technology

081104 模式识别与智能系统 Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems

土木工程学院 School of Civil Engineering

0814 土木工程 Civil Engineering

 081401 岩土工程 Geotechnical Engineering

 081402 结构工程 Structural Engineering

 081403 市政工程 Municipal Engineering

 081404 供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

 081405 防灾减灾工程及防护工程 Disaster Prevention and Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering

 081406 桥梁与隧道工程 Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

082301 道路与铁道工程 Highway and Railway Engineering

能源与环境工程学院 School of Energy and Environmental Engineering

080702 热能工程 Thermal Power Engineering

080703 动力机械及工程 Power Machinery and Engineering

0807Z1 能源环境工程 Energy and Environmental Engineering

081404 供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

经济与管理学院  School of Economics and Management

0202 应用经济学 Applied Economics

 020201 国民经济学 National Economics

 020202 区域经济学 Regional Economics

 020203 财政学(含税收学) Public Finance (including Taxation)

 020204 金融学(含保险学) Finance (including Insurance)

 020205 产业经济学 Industrial Economics

 020206 国际贸易学 International Trade

 020207 劳动经济学 Labor Economics

 020208 统计学 Statistics

1201 管理科学与工程 Management Science and Engineering

1202 工商管理学 Science of Business Administration

 120201 会计学 Accounting

 120202 企业管理学(含财务管理、市场营销学、人力资源管理学) Corporate Management (including Financial Management,   Marketing, and Human Resources Management)

   120203 旅游管理学 Tourist Management

   120204 技术经济及管理学 Technology Economy and Management

建筑与艺术学院School of Architecture and Art Design

0813 建筑学 Architecture

081301 建筑历史与理论 Architectural History and Theory

081302 建筑设计及其理论 Architectural Design and Theory

081303 城市规划与设计(含风景园林规划与设计) Urban Planning and Design (including Landscape Planning and Design)

081304 建筑技术科学 Building Technology Science

083300城乡规划学 Urban and Rural Planning

1305L设计艺术学 Design and Arts

海洋科学与工程学院  School of Marine Science and Engineering

0817Z1海洋化学工程与技术 Marine Chemical Science Technology

Programs for Doctoral Degree

机械工程学院 School of Mechanical Engineering

  080200 机械工程 Mechanical Engineering

电气工程学院 School of Electrical Engineering

  080800 电气工程 Electrical Engineering

化学工程学院 School of Chemical Engineering

  081700  化学工程与技术 Chemical Engineering and Technology

土木工程学院 School of Civil Engineering

  081400 土木工程 Civil Engineering

经济与管理学院 School of Economics and Management

  120100  管理科学与工程 Management Science and Engineering

  120204  技术经济与管理 Technology Economy and Management

材料科学与工程 School of Materials Science and Engineering

  080500 材料科学与工程 Materials Science and Engineering

信息工程学院 School of Information Engineering

  080900 电子科学与技术 Electronic Science and Technology

控制科学与工程学院 School of Control Science and Engineering

  081101 控制科学与控制工程 Control Theory and Control Engineering

能源与环境工程学院 School of  Energy and Envirmental Engineering

  081400 土木工程 Civil Engineering(供热、供燃气、通风及空调工程 Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering)

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