• Визовая поддержка

    Мы оказываем визовую поддержку всем нашим клиентам, которые едут на обучение за рубежом.

    Услугу визовой поддержки можно заказать и отдельно от программ обуения.

  • Визовые услуги в Великобританию, визовая поддержка в Великобританию, туристическая виза в Великобританию

    Chynara O'Dell - London, UK

    About 3 months ago I decided to apply for U.K. visa for my parents to come and visit me in London. I have to say that I have done this before and was absolutely dreading it, as it takes up so much time and I tend to worry if I gathered all the right documents. So I contacted Global Compass but wasn’t sure how it was going to work out me being here and us communicating only on WhatsApp. I must say that Jyldyz is very professional in what she does. She told me exactly what I meant to do and we got the visa without any problems. If only I knew about them a few years ago.Global Compass took away all the stress I had about getting my parents visa. I highly recommend that you use Global Compass if you are trying to obtain visa. I will definitely use your services again in the future. Great service, very well organised and they will lead you through the whole process.